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Car Travel

Driving in Jamaica can be an extremely frustrating endeavor. You must constantly be on guard—for enormous potholes, people and animals darting out into the street, and aggressive drivers. Local drivers are quick to pass other cars—and sometimes two cars will pass simultaneously. Gas stations are open daily, and some now accept credit cards, though you shouldn't count on it. Driving in Jamaica is on the left, British-style.

Car Rentals

To rent a car, you must be at least 23 years old, have a valid driver's license (from any country), and have a valid credit or debit card. You may be required to post a security deposit of several hundred dollars before taking possession of your car; ask about it when you make the reservation. Rates average $70 to $120 a day after the addition of the compulsory insurance, which you must usually purchase even if your credit card offers it.

Car-Rental Contacts

Avis. Donald Sangster International Airport, 876/952–0762; 876/979–1060;

Budget. Donald Sangster International Airport, 877/825–2953;

Fiesta Car Rentals. 14 Waterloo Rd., Kingston, Kingston. 876/926–0133; 800/934–3782; 876/929–3801;

Hertz. 876/979–0438;

Island Car Rentals. Island Car Rentals is an established local company providing service for over 30 years for rentals of cars and other vehicles. Locations at both international airports. Online reservations accepted. 17 Antiqua Ave., Kingston, Kingston. 876/924–8075; 876/952–7225; 876/929–5875; 866/978–5335;


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