Puerto Plata

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Puerto Plata

In his first trip to the stupendous region, Christopher Columbus noted the silver-tipped appearance of the area’s prominent mountain. As “plata” is Spanish for “silver”, Columbus christened it “Monte de Plata”, and the city became known as Puerto de Plata. Luring vacationers much as it had Columbus, Puerto Plata is one of the Dominican Republic’s most renowned cities. Lending to a bright culture of friendly people and recreational activities, Puerto Plata will exceed even your wildest and greatest of expectations.

The City

Welcome to Puerto Plata, a Caribbean city soaked in sunshine. The streets of this vibrant city come to life with warmth and character. Stroll through the downtown to meet the amiable Dominican people and have a cold beer and you’re sure to be smiling soon. Unwind on the northern shore, taking in white sand beaches overlooking crystal clear waters, or plan an adventure to the top of 2,600 foot Mount Isabel de Torres. After a long day at play, enjoy a romantic dinner for two over fresh caught seafood and a glass of red wine. Falling asleep to the rolling waves reminds you that it begins all over again come morning.

Do & See

Unwind at the beautiful beach, enjoy adventures in the water or at the top of a mountain. There is enough to do in Puerto Plata to make for a perfect vacation.


Whether you want local cuisine or something different there are excellent choices in Puerto Plata to satisfy your palate. Naturally, local cuisine takes precedence.


Sea breezes and white sands are made that much more fun with an espresso or cup of coffee. Afternoon fare at cafes comes second only to breakfast! See below for tasty options.

Bars & Nightlife

The fun doesn't stop when the sunsets in Puerto Plata. There are dancing clubs, as well as bars.


While visiting Puerto Plata the best way to find great shopping is to head off of resort property. Numerous bazaar-like hubs are scattered about the city. If you’re feeling adventurous, just take a stroll, bargains are never far off; remember to haggle to get the best deals.